Winter kayaking

The visibility is at its best during winter, so you can often see the seabed several meters deep when the sun is shining. Ice floes, snowfall, and the occasional curious seal observing us paddlers make the experience magical.

During the winter season (October 1st - April 30th), a drysuit is always included in our tours since the water temperature can be lower than 10 degrees Celsius. In case of any mishaps, you won't get wet, and it's easier to warm up again. Additionally, the suit provides protection against potential rain, snow, and wind.

In the wintertime, we stay close to the shore and paddle from north to south, visiting the Stångehuvud nature reserve. Depending on the group's composition and weather conditions, we may also venture out into the archipelago.

Prepare for a refreshing tour among islets and skerries, where you get to experience the West Coast for real.

We always paddle in pairs in a tandem kayak. If there's an odd number, one person paddles with the guide. If you wish to paddle in a single kayak, this can be arranged after consulting with the guide.

Anyone with normal physical fitness can participate in this activity, and no prior experience is required. This is an activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, both young and old, with a minimum age of 10 years.

The tour takes approximately two and a half hours and departs every Saturday and Sunday.

For groups of at least 6 people, kayak tours can be booked every day of the week, provided the guide is available.

We document the kayak tour with a camera (photos), and the pictures are provided to the participants free of charge. If you still want to bring your own camera, that's perfectly fine.

The package includes:

  • Kayak rental
  • Guided kayak tour, approximately 2.5 hours
  • Hot drinks during the tour
  • Overnight stay in a double room - sleep comfortably in soft beds from Viking Beds of Sweden
  • A lovely breakfast buffet with freshly baked waffles and freshly brewed coffee

Price from 1695 SEK per person.

For larger groups, other discounted prices are available. Contact us for more information.