Welcome to Grand Hotel Lysekil a vintage boutique hotel. Close to everything in the very centre of Lysekil and one of the oldest hotels in West Sweden.

In 1878, West Sweden, welcomed a new luxury building in the middle of the beautiful west coast archipelago and peninsula, Lysekil. The architecture was typical for its age. A grandiose Swiss architecture building. 1880 the hotel opened, by the name Hotel Bergfalk. Currently, the hotel was one of the most modern hotels in Sweden. King Oscar the second was very fond of Lysekil and the rumour says that he stayed at the hotel when he visited Lysekil. King Oscar was also the one to approve and give borough rights to Lysekil in 1903.

Lysekil by that time was known as a healthy resort for its strengthening saltwater bath that could occur all year around and for the fresh healthy sea air.

These days it is still extremely popular to book a healthy cold winter bath package and finish in the warm sauna at one of the oldest bath houses on the coastline.

There have been several owners to the hotel, mostly women and today the hotel is also run by a woman. There are a lot of stories to be told and that are resting in the walls in this old charming hotel. Some guests even say they can sense some spiritual presence… 

During world war II, Grand Hotel Lysekil, by that time called Stadshotellet, was a base for the export of ball bearings. When the ships were loaded the sailors rested at the hotel, but under police surveillance for security reasons and they were not allowed to walk more then 600 meters from the hotel.

It also happened that both Englishmen and Germans came to Lysekil at the same time during world war II, to rest and to stock up. The owner Nancy then developed a smart logistic system for the breakfast serving. She sent Englishmen first to the local bakery across the street for breakfast and they had to be back in their rooms before she started to send the Germans over.

Today, guests enjoy Grand Hotel Lysekil’s antique atmosphere with a nice blend of antique and modern design. The owners are keen to keep the historic feeling and the vintage style, that makes the hotel a real boutique hotel. Make sure not to miss out to have a peek in the famous hall of knights with hand painted landscape shields in the roof.

At Grand Hotel, you are close to everything. The ocean, shops, spa, restaurants, and more is just around the corner. More information and photos of this old hotel you can find here.


Trader Anders Gustaf Bergfalk buys the property and rebuilds it. The same year, the building is completed, in the popular architectural Swiss style. The building is being built under the direction of builder A. B. Swensson in Lysekil and builder S. Andersson in Uddewalla (now Uddevalla). The ornamentation is carried out by Messrs. Hasselbach and Widbom in Gothenburg. Electricity is installed throughout the house by Mr. A. J. S. Bismarck from Gothenburg which is making this house to a exceptional modern building.


The grand opening of one of the most modern hotels in West Sweden, Hotell Bergfalk. The hotel has 14 rooms and an elegant society floor of 5 rooms. Downstairs, the distinguished manufactory is run by A.G. Bergfalk (the hotel owner). A room costs approximately 8 pence per night.


A.G. Bergfalk opens a Café and Confectionery in the same building. The beautiful windows we found in the attic and you can now watch them in the hallway on the ground floor.


Hotel Bergfalk puts an advertisement in the newspaper about its beautiful café with piano and biljards.


Amalia Bergfalk buys the property after her husband passes away. Just a few months later she sells the property to the restaurant manager, Bengt August Björk from Kristinehamn, who also takes over the business as the new hotel owner. The hotel is changing name to Stadshotellet Lysekil. (The City Hotel)


Hotel manager Johan Wilhelm Magnusson from the neighbour hotel Grand Hotel takes over the hotel business


The First World War has begun and at the City Hotel, a meeting is held in the great hall (probably the Knights' Hall) for the land stormers and volunteers that are over 40 years old.


Mrs. Lindberg-Magnusson takes over the operation of the City Hotel after her deceased husband J. W. Magnusson.


The restaurant manager Arnold Olsson takes over the hotel business.



During the Second World War, the Grand Hotel Lysekil, which then went by the name Stadshotellet Lysekil, had several assignments from authorities.

Among other things, it was a base for ball bearing exports to the British war industry. When the boats were loaded in Lysekil harbor, the sailors stayed in the hotel. Due to the prevailing circumstances, they were not allowed to walk more than 600 meters from the hotel and the hotel was under police surveillance.

When both Englishmen and Germans came to the harbor to rest and to stock up, they stayed at the famous hotel in Lysekil. For not ending up in a dispute, the owner “Hägga”, as she was popularly called, had devised a system. She first showed the English across the square to Lidell's patisserie, for breakfast and then rushed them back to their rooms, so she could let the Germans out… In this way, the enemies didn’t have to meet and the armistice could be fulfilled without any problems.



Mrs. Nancy Hägg ends up in the magazine Se, when Lysekil's mayor wants to close the hotel and she protests so much that the magazine Se comes and does a report.


Swedish Television broadcasts a spy thriller Operation Argus, which is partly recorded at The City Hotel (Stadshotellet) in Lysekil.
See section 2 here: https://www.svtplay.se/video/26329086/operation-argus/operation-argus-sasong-1-en-handgranat-fran-doden?start=auto


2012 Stadshotellet gets new owners. Anette & Javier who also runs Luna Café, Vineyard & Restaurant, takes over the eminent hotel and now puts the right name to this grand old hotel - Grand Hotel Lysekil

Many guests have stayed at the hotel over the years…

Rumors say that King Oscar II stayed in the hotel as he was very fond of Lysekil and where else would he have stayed…? We will return to this issue, as there is an ongoing project investigation history about this historic hotel. We also had a guest who mentioned that they have an interesting chair at home, which is a bit reminiscent of a throne, which has stood in the hotel and where it is said that King Oscar should have sat…

Many celebrities have visited this beautiful hotel over the years and the hotel has, among other things, had the honor of hosting both Marcus Wallenberg and Carl Gerhard.