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Luna’s Winery & Restaurant

When you visit Lysekil, it's a must to visit Luna (as this cozy place is colloquially known). Unexpectedly located in a roundabout, right at the entrance to Lysekil, you'll find this Spanish oasis. Here, you can dream away, and whether you're sitting indoors or in the Spanish garden, smelling the aromas from the kitchen or grill, hearing the waitstaff speaking Spanish, and sipping on a sangria, it's not uncommon to suddenly believe you're in Spain! Since 2009, vineyards have also been cultivated in the area around Luna, and today, we are very proud to say that there is a vineyard in Lysekil!

Here, one can enjoy delicious food and fantastic wines. It's also possible to book packages including vineyard tours, tasting menus, and/or wine tasting. Contact the reception for more information.

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Garden flames

When you light a fire and watch the dancing flames, something special happens within us.

Garden Flames offers a wide range of Mexican ovens and outdoor fireplaces. Here you can find stoves that will keep your patio warm all year round. Garden Flames is part of the Luna family and also sells Luna's Spanish ceramics online.

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Grands sister hotel, you will find it right at the entrance to Lysekil. The Fjord Hotel, also known as Lysekil's apartment hotel, is a budget hotel with both small and large apartments. Here you can stay on a daily or weekly basis. The Fjord Hotel is very popular with families with children during the summer, as it only takes 5 minutes to get to the beach and a 2-room apartment can accommodate up to 4 people. The Fjord Hotel is also excellent for those working in Lysekil and in need of weekly or monthly accommodation for a short period. All apartments are located in Lysekil and come with a kitchen, living room, balcony, and bathroom. Parking and Wi-Fi are included.

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All roads lead to Lysekil... There is plenty to do in and around Lysekil. The entire west coast is teeming with cozy places to visit, and all are just a stone's throw away from Lysekil. Nearby, you will find the charming spot Smögen, the distinctive Kungshamn, the beautiful Fiskebäckskil, delightful Hunnebostrand, and the small-town idyll of Strömstad. Here, you can find even more information about what's happening in Lysekil and our neighboring villages.

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