Oyster Safari

Oyster and Mussel Adventure with the Scent of Seaweed and Freshly Cooked Mussels.

The Oyster and Mussel tour starts in Norra Hamnen in Lysekil. We journey with the boat "Signe", our Bohuslän "julle" built in 1952, out to the mussel farm where we demonstrate how mussels are cultivated and harvested. We gather some mussels for a communal preparation and tasting later on a beautiful rocky shoreline.

Next, Signe takes us to one of the few oyster banks in Bohuslän. We collect oysters and learn more about the delicacies of the sea in a very special and unique place in Bohuslän. Just below us, the exclusive and famous Ostrea Edulis oysters, known as "the Swedish oyster," grow. We discuss everything related to oysters and offer tastings.

We make a stop on Käringeholmen, where we cook the mussels and open the oysters, enjoying them by the shoreline. After an unforgettable experience in a fantastic environment, we take you back to Norra Hamnen in Lysekil, to the relaxing hum of Signe.

You can also book the luxury package, where the captain accompanies you to the hotel and opens oysters served with ice-cold champagne